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How to Get Married Online

Be from anywhere, and be located anywhere!

Get married online in 3 easy steps:

01.   Wedding Rings
 Choose Your
Wedding Ceremony 

Choose the Quickie, Just Enough or The Long One! Purchase add-ons such as witnesses, apostilles and extra wedding certificates. 

Then, schedule your wedding date.

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02.  Marriage Certificate
Obtain Your
Marriage License

Obtain your marriage license online with the link we provide! 

No need to go in person anywhere.

Obtain Marriage License
03.  Heart outline image

Forward your Zoom link to family and friends.

Join the video wedding and get married!

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The Full Process.

Wondering how to get married online? Let's break it down!

  • 01

    Balance Scale


    Meet the legal requirements

    You must meet these requirements to get married online: 

    • Be 18 years of age or older
    • Single and not married
    • Have a valid government issued ID
    • Have Internet connection with video access
  • 02

    Shopping Cart


    Choose your wedding package

    LoveLife offers different wedding ceremonies to fit your style and needs — choose:

    Purchase add-ons such as witnesses, apostilles and extra wedding certificates - see pricing for add-ons.

  • 03



    Schedule your wedding date

    Put your personalized wedding ceremony on the Calender with LoveLife. You will see all available dates and times to have your wedding, in your local time zone, immediately after you purchase a ceremony package. If you don't know when you want to get married yet, you can schedule in the future using a link we send you via email. LoveLife performs ceremonies 24/7. 

  • 04

    Marriage License


    Obtain your marriage license

    Obtain your marriage license online with the link we provide. This can be done in the comforts of your own homes and takes about 45 minutes. You will get 1 license for the both of you. The license expires 32 days after you purchase it, so be sure to get married before it expires. Click here for more information about getting your license.

  • 05



    Forward marriage license to LoveLife

    After you get the email with your newly issued marriage license, forward it to LoveLife so the officiant can finalize and submit it after your ceremony, to make it legal.

  • 06



    Send government-issued IDs to LoveLife

    To verify that you and your partner match the names on the marriage license and we are marrying the correct couple, email LoveLife your government-issued IDs.

  • 07



    Send Zoom link to family & friends

    Forward your Zoom link to family and friends. This allows anyone, from anywhere in the world, join and celebrate with you on your special day.

  • 08

    Wedding Rings


    Get married!

    Join the video wedding Zoom call and get married! Come a little early to make sure the video and audio work, as well as you looking the way you want to on your special day!

  • 09

    Mail Box


    Receive legal marriage certificate

    Immediately after you get married online, you will get a digital copy of your marriage certificate. Within two business days, you will be shipped your certified copy of your marriage certificate.

  • 10



    Register marriage with local government!

    When you have received your marriage certificate, that is no different than an in-person marriage certificate, take it to your local government offices (clerk) and have them register you as married.