What Is LoveLife?

Couple runs through the rain after their wedding

LoveLife is an online virtual wedding service company.

LoveLife was founded in 2022 in Utah and was created to allow ALL people to have the opportunity to get married regardless of race, nationality, sexual preference and religious denomination.

We are living in a new digital world, where we do just about everything online. Why not get married online? Transitioning from the typical high cost wedding into a low cost virtual wedding is the new standard for classic weddings.

Couple plans their online wedding together

Classic weddings for the modern world.

LoveLife weddings are professional and legal.

LoveLife weddings are legal according to U.S. law.

LoveLife weddings are valid in every U.S. state and recognized in every country, when following the local laws to recognize foreign weddings.

LoveLife removes discrimination and provides low cost weddings for couples all around the world.

LoveLife weddings, for most couples, are similar to a destination wedding, but without the travel.

Since everything is done online, from your marriage license to your wedding, you don't have to go anywhere nor be physically together to get married anymore. 

This is a beautiful thing for the modern world.

Welcome to LoveLife

Meet Our Founder.

I created LoveLife to allow all people around the world to have the opportunity to join their lives together in matrimony, while relieving some of the burden of money and exorbitant planning associated with weddings.

I have a great love for all people and want inclusion to be part of how the world operates in this day of age.

I have a passion to create inclusion and save money when viable; creating LoveLife with virtual weddings helps me accomplish this task — bring people together from all corners of the world, and save wedding costs to use for better means.

There is so much joy that comes to me in seeing people come together, openly pronounce their love, and celebrate the joining of their lives together. Especially those who may have never felt it was possible to get married — due to physical separation, government restriction, religious denomination, sexual preference, or race — to have the chance and opportunity to fulfill their dreams.

Plus, I believe that spending a ton of money on a wedding isn't the wisest way to start your journey off together!

– Matt, Founder of LoveLife

I hope you can see with me the vision of what virtual weddings can do for all people, in this modern world of technology.

Matt Weirich, Founder

Save money, enjoy the small things, and make the impossible "possible" for all people!

– Matt Weirich, Founder