Getting married online is simple & legal.

Disrupt the traditional wedding!
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Kagan & LaKisha

Turkiye / USA

You are amaze ballz!!!
This is awesome!
Thank you so so much.
Your service has been 5 star.

Salvatore & Stefano

Italy / Italy

Danny & Maria

UK / Venezuela

The process is very efficient with guidance on what the requirements are and what you can expect. I honestly feel this was the perfect fit for us. We wanted to get married and LoveLife was perfect. You get a legally recognised marriage in a modern way.

Gerard & Kathleen


Joy & Katrina

Philippines / Philippines

Haiyu & Meng Yao

China / China

Zach & Ellan

USA / Philippines

Victor & Anastasiya

Canada / Belarus

How long does it take to get married online?

1- Obtain your marriage licenseLess than 1 hour
2- Get married by LoveLife on a Zoom call5 to 45 minutes
3- Receive your marriage certificateImmediately

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Fun Facts - Did You Know

Love For All

Get to know the couples who get married online through LoveLife!



are NOT from the United States



are NOT physically together

National Flag


are NOT the same nationality

Same Sex Couple


are same sex / LBGTQ+



get married within 24 hours



are US citizens marrying a non-US citizen

Choose Your Online Wedding Package


Quick ceremony with just the legalities.

Ceremony lasts 3-5 minutes.


Just Enough

Personalized ceremony allowing vow and ring exchange.

Ceremony lasts up to 25 minutes.


The Long One

Completely customized ceremony. Your wedding, your way!

Ceremony lasts up to 40 minutes.


Don't Stop After "I Do"

Continue the celebration!
Extend your Zoom call to allow friends and family to congratulate you; even have a reception!

15 minutes for $50 30 minutes for $75

LoveLife Online Weddings are for Everyone.

Did we mention these weddings are real? These couples say yes!

Darren and Sylvania

"Your company literally saved months of frustration with the Brazilian government. I recommend LoveLife to anyone looking for a legal option to get married."

Niklas and Tenna

"I can confirm that Sweden has recognised the marriage as legit and the Swedish tax office now has changed me from Single to Married."