How to Get Your Marriage License

Marriage licenses are required to get legally married through LoveLife! They are obtained separately from the LoveLife marriage package. The marriage license must be issued by a jurisdiction that allows online weddings to be legally performed.

Get Marriage License

A few things to consider when getting your marriage license:

Tip #1

Marriage licenses are obtained through the Utah County Marriage License office. Both spouses will get the license under the same application, not seperate ones.

Tip #2

Once obtained, they are only valid for 32 days. After expiration, if the ceremony was not performed and finalized, a new license will have to be issued and a new fee paid to obtain it.

Tip #3

Marriage licenses must match the couple's identity when applying. Use your physical and mailing address to allow the courts to validate you.

Tip #4

Once you get your marriage license from the Utah county license division, you must forward your marriage license as well as the couple's government-issued IDs to [email protected] so the officiant can finalize it with the courts when the ceremony is complete. Failure to do so will cancel the ceremony.

Tip #5

Do NOT fill out any information on the marriage license when you receive it through your email. Doing so will void the ceremony and legalities, resulting in an additional issuance of a new license and delay on your ceremony

Tip #6

If any mistakes are on your marriage license and need it corrected, you can contact the marriage license office to have them corrected before the ceremony. If changes are to be made after the wedding date, instructions in your email from the Utah County clerk will guide you through the process. If you cannot find them, you can click here to request and pay for changes to be made. The courts charge an additional $10 USD to make those changes after your wedding is finalized.

Picture of a marriage license

As the world is slowly transforming in the digital age, currently not every country, and not every state within the U.S., is legally allowing online weddings. 

We are going through the avenues that allow us to perform legal ceremonies for people around the world. One of these avenues currently is in the state of Utah. This makes is possible for just about anyone, of legal age and of legal requirements, to get married regardless of culture, religion, sexual orientation or personal preference to get married. 

As the world catches up to the modern world of doing things digitally and accepting weddings of all people online, we will continue to open up more options to do ceremonies around the world legally for those wanting to have a ceremony online.