Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Get Married Online?


How to get married online.


The Legals

  • Are LoveLife weddings legal?

    Yes! All weddings are 100% legal according to US law. 

    You will receive a valid marriage certificate registered in the US.

  • Do I need to sign any legal documents?

    No! Since everything is done online, you will only need to sign the marriage license digitally when you apply for it.

  • What documents are required to get married online?

    An online wedding only requires the following documents to be a legal marriage:

    • Valid marriage license you obtain online with our link
    • If divorced within 60 days, the divorce decree that shows you are officially divorced
  • Can we use an online marriage for immigration purposes?

    Yes! This is a 100% legal marriage and if you follow the country's laws for immigration, you can use the marriage certificate for this purpose.

    This information is deemed general. LoveLife cannot and does not provide legal advice in the areas of immigration or international marriage law. While the ceremony is performed according to Utah and federal US law, the acceptance by foreign governments or immigration officials is beyond our control. It is best to contact the officials in your jurisdiction or an immigration or family law attorney to determine the legal status of the marriage certificate and any additional steps or documents you may need for recognition.                     

  • Do I need an apostille?

    Depends. If you are using the marriage certificate for immigration or dual citizenship, then most likely. 

    Some countries may require it to have the marriage certificate recognized.

    LoveLife does not give advice on international policy, immigration, or dual citizenship. Apostilles are for counties that are part of the 1961 Hauge Convention. Check with local authorities or attorneys if you need an Apostille for your marriage certificate to have it recognized in countries outside the US and/or to use for immigration purposes. 

  • Will my country recognize the marriage?

    Yes! This is a legal marriage registered and performed in the US. As long as you follow your country's laws in how they recognize foreign marriages, it will be recognized.

  • Will my state recognize the marriage?

    Yes! Since you will receive a legal US marriage certificate, all states will recognize it. 

    According to the Full Faith and Credit Clause of the Constitution, if a marriage performed in a specific jurisdiction follows the local laws as well as federal laws, must be recognized in all 50 states. 



Who can get married?

  • Who can get married?

    Just about anyone. As long as you are 18 or older, single, and have access to the Internet and a video feed, you can get married!

  • We are not together, can we still get married?

    Yes! Online weddings allow you to be in different locations, but still get legally married! As long as both parties are on the video call and give their consent to the marriage, it is legal.

  • What if we are not US citizens?

    You can still get married! There are no residency requirements, so you can be from anywhere in the world, and be located anywhere in the world, and get legally married to your loved one.

  • Do you marry military?

    Absolutely! If you are in training camp, stationed overseas or somewhere else, and not with your loved one, you can get married online through a video call!

  • Do you marry LGBTQ+?

    Yes! We can legally marry same sex couples and anyone else in the LBGTQ+ world.

  • What if we don't live in the state of Utah?

    Not a problem! You can still get married. There are no residency requirements, so you can be located anywhere, from anywhere, and have a beautiful virtual wedding.