LoveLife Testimonials

From the heart! Online marriage testimonials.

Paula & Egide

God bless you for helping us 🙏

Eliza & Marc

I'm really happy like my life will be complete 😍

Fredrick & Lamin

OMG you are absolutely amazing. Thank you so so much.

Troy & Mian

You've been the best! So helpful. I will highly recommend your business! Thank you 😍

Zach & Ellan

Thank you, Matt. God bless you. We are very happy and thankful for what you do.

Joy & Katrina

That was a wonderful ceremony. Thank you very much ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Glen & Genesis

The best wedding. Thank you so much trusted.


Thank you so much, Matt. I really appreciate your hard work and what you have helped us achieve. Bless you.


I just want to let you know that today my wife's stay in the UK has been granted. You did a good job! Thank you for making this a reality.

Amanda & Ryandy

This was such a great experience! A quick and simple ceremony that meant so much to us. Thank you for all of your amazing help 🥰🥰


You're an angel. Thank you so much for being a great officiant. I hope to see you in real life to give you a proper thanks. May God bless you a thousand fold.

Salvatore & Stefano

This was simple. Exactly what we wanted and what we were looking for. We have been trying for 30 years to find a way to make this happen. We are grateful for you and for LoveLife.

Aljane & Dike

Very nice people specially sir Matt who is always there to help us out with regards to internet connect problem because we work on the ship and it's very hard for us to upload everything. Thank you sir for making it all happen 🥰😁

Eyal & Keren

We got married using LoveLife—the experience was great! The process was easy and smooth. The ceremony, held by Matt, was quick, but still moving. Matt was funny and charming and made everybody feel comfortable. Thank you, Matt!

Scott & Melisa

This was the greatest experience ever! Matt was awesome. Every time I had a question either by email or text, he was always extremely helpful and immediately got right back to me with the answer to my question. If anyone is looking to get married online, you definitely won't be disappointed with LoveLife and Matt. Thank you so much for everything.

Sacora Johnson

If you are considering getting married online, you must do it through this company. The guy that helped me Matt I don’t know if he’s the owner, but he was very patient as with answering all my questions even if I forgot to ask something I could go right back and his response time was awesome He made the process so easy and smooth . I would definitely recommend this website to anyone you have to try it.


I could not hesitate to recommend LoveLife highly enough for the manner in which the documentation was handled. The cost of this service is also affordable. We are very pleased with the outcome and the quality delivered. Even during ceremony, very professional on time and very well organized. How they collaborate, listening to our needs, understanding how this event can make a difference in our lives and above all they were transparent.

Helene Didier Hardy

I cannot express enough gratitude for the wonderful experience LoveLife provided for my beautiful online wedding ceremony! It was truly heartwarming to have all our family and friends join us for this special moment. The entire process was remarkably efficient, and the team displayed kindness and clarity throughout. A special thanks to Matt for organizing everything seamlessly. We're immensely grateful for the unforgettable memories created. Highly recommend LoveLife for turning our virtual wedding into a magical reality!

Mario Ortega Rojas

Matt was very professional since the moment I had a ton of questions. He was very accommodating. He helped me understand the process from getting the marriage license to providing ideas or our marriage ceremony. Matt provided me with a Portuguese translator for my wife. He did not charge me extra which I thought he was going to charge. The package I purchased was “just enough”which included a 25 minute session. He was charismatic and a well presenter and fantastic officiant. The reason I chose Matt even though at first his price was a little pricy is because of the excellent customer service he provided. He went above and beyond my expectations. He helped me feel at ease. I wish I would have spent my money with Matt first instead of having to pay so much money in Brazil while the Brazilian government was making very difficult to get married. I recommend getting your documents apostille by Matt. The only suggestion I would recommend for Matt is to add to his website that he can provide translations services. I almost did not get his service because I didn’t think he could provide that. My money was well spent with the service he provided. Thank you Matt.

Zach & Ellan

Married 2022

"My wife Ellan and I are very satisfied with the service. 

Matt was absolutely outstanding answered every time I called and was very loving and kind. He made our wedding experience the best it could be online and even was patient and kind when we had to wait for my mother-in-law to show up whom was running a few minutes late. 

Even after the marriage, he still answers questions when I text him. He is very passionate about what he does and makes the bride and groom feel comfortable and happy. 

God bless you Matt and keep up the fantastic work you do!"

Darren & Sylvania

Married 2023

"I am glad we found your company. It literally saved months of frustration with the Brazilian government. I would recommend LoveLife to anyone looking for a legal option on getting married."

Niklas & Tenna Online Wedding
Niklas & Tenna

I can confirm that Sweden has recognised the marriage as legit and the Swedish tax office now has changed me from Single to Married.

Caleb & Emily Online Wedding
Caleb & Emily

Emily and I couldn't be any more proud of the professionalism that Matt and his team showed us. We, like many wanted to find a safe LEGIT way to get legally married. And we found it! We did the Quickie and it was just what we needed!! So thanks again! God Bless Matt, and Team!!