LoveLife Wedding Videos

Meet the happy couples who get married online!

Frederick & Lamin

Africa / USA

OMG you are absolutely amazing. Thank you so so much.

Gerard & Kathleen


Salvatore & Stefano

Italy / Italy

This was simple.
Exactly what we wanted and what we were looking for.
We have been trying for 30 years to find a way to make this happen.
We are grateful for you and for LoveLife.

Joy & Katrina

Philippines / Philippines

Zach & Ellan

USA / Philippines

You have such a good spirit and I am honored to have had you marry my wife and me!

Matt was absolutely outstanding answered every time I called and was very loving and kind. He made our wedding experience the best it could be online and even was patient and kind when we had to wait for my mother-in-law to show up whom was running a few minutes late.

Haiyu & Meng Yao

China / China

Victor & Anastasiya

Canada / Belarus